Answers To Typical Questions That You May Have About Your First Prescription Glasses

There are numerous reasons why your optometrist may present you with an eyeglass prescription. Usually, the older you get, the worse your vision gets, which will necessitate the use of prescription glasses for reading. On the other hand, the curvature of your eyeballs could change with time, causing a condition known as astigmatism and this can only be treated with prescription glasses. Lastly, you could develop either nearsightedness or farsightedness, which would mandate getting a glasses prescription.

Whatever the underlying cause for your compromised vision, the thought of wearing prescription glasses for the first time could be daunting for some people. But this can be attributed to the fact that you may not know what to expect. To eliminate your uneasiness, here are answers to some typical questions that you may have about your first prescription glasses.

Are prescription glasses available in trendy options?

Without a doubt, the leading concern that some people have about wearing prescription glasses is that they will have a negative influence on their overall appearance. This fear is likely because these individuals assume prescription glasses are solely available in formal styles. But this could not be further from the truth. Over the years, more and more manufacturers are aware that a considerable number of eyeglass wearers will want to make a fashion statement with their prescription eyewear.

Hence, you can rest assured that you will have a wide selection to choose from at your local optometrist's office. It is worth noting that when selecting glasses, ensure that the frame matches the shape of your face. By doing so, you are guaranteed that the prescription glasses will always complement your appearance, no matter what you are wearing.

Is it possible to customize your prescription glasses?

The answer is yes. While the lenses of your new eyeglasses will have to match the optometrist's prescription, you have complete flexibility to personalize your eyewear as much as you want. One of the most common treatments that wearers opt for is a blue light filter on their prescription glasses, as this helps with limiting their exposure to the harmful light emitted by the variety of screens that you interact with throughout the day.

Another way that you can personalize your prescription glasses is by opting for bendable frames. These frames are especially advantageous to people that have small kids, as the flexibility of the frames makes them difficult to break. To learn more, contact an optometrist regarding glasses prescriptions.