When To See The Eye Doctor

You should go to the eye doctor for regular checkups to make sure there are no changes in your vision over time. However, along with going in for your routine exams, there may be other things that happen that you should go to the eye doctor for as well. This article will cover a number of things that you should go to the eye doctor for, so you recognize when something is happening that you should have checked out.

You have noticed a difference in your eyesight

If you have suddenly noticed that your eyesight has changed, then you shouldn't wait for your next routine exam to come around. Instead, you should make an appointment to get in for an exam now. Since you can tell there are changes happening on your own, there's no reason to put off having things checked out. This can help you to catch any problems early, so you can start wearing the right prescription of corrective lenses as soon as possible. 

You have scratched your eye

If you have scratched your eye, then you should go in to see the eye doctor. You have a clear surface of your eye called the cornea, and it acts as the protective layer of your eye. If you end up scratching the cornea, then this can cause there to be an open wound. Just as with other open wounds, there is the chance of you getting an infection. The eye doctor can take a look at the scratch to make sure it isn't putting your eyesight at risk in any way, and to prevent infection. Also, a scratched cornea can be very painful, and the eye doctor may be able to give you numbing drops to help relieve the pain. 

You have something in your eye

If you feel like you have a foreign body in your eye, then you may be able to remove it by flushing your eye with water or eye drops. However, if you are unable to get the foreign object out of your eye by using this method, then you should get in to see the eye doctor right away. You never want to try to work something out of your eye by putting your fingers in your eye because this can cause damage. The eye doctor will be able to find and remove the offending particle for you. 


Any time you find yourself concerned about your eyes, it is a good idea to get in to see the eye doctor. This way, any issues can be properly addressed and treated. If everything ends up being okay, then you will at least have peace of mind as well. Seeing the eye doctor is one of the times when it really is better to be safe, than sorry. 

Reach out to an eye doctor near you to learn more.