Contact Lens Tips For Dry Eye Sufferers

One of the most common complaints from contact lens wearers is dealing with dry, itchy, and even red eyes. While some people already have a preexisting dry eye issue, wearing contact lenses can make the symptoms much worse. Even if you haven't been diagnosed with a chronic dry eye condition, contacts can make your eyes feel irritated, or you might even feel a slight burning sensation whenever you wear them. Here are a few things you can do to help reduce the symptoms of dry eyes so you can enjoy clear vision without eyeglasses.

Check Your Cleaning Solution

Some contact lens cleaning solutions contain preservatives that have been known to irritate the eyes. Look carefully at the ingredients on the cleaning solution bottle and make sure it's free of allergens and other irritants. New products available today contain no added harsh chemicals, and some are even specially made for people with dry eyes. Ask your optometrist about new cleaning solutions available and bring the bottle you're currently using with you so they can take a closer look. Often, the culprit isn't the contact lenses themselves but rather the solution you're using to keep them clean.

Switch Contact Brands

New contact lenses are being produced today specially designed to help patients suffering from dry eyes. These new lenses contain special materials that seal in the moisture from your eyes for several hours, reducing the irritation. Other new lenses actually contain a tiny amount of water in the front and back of the contact lens to create a smooth surface for your eye that prevents it from rubbing against the lens. Talk to your eye doctor about the new brands available today that are specially made to retain and promote moisture, and to prevent dry eyes so you can make a positive switch.

Practice Good Maintenance

Perhaps one of the main issues eye patients have with dry eyes and their contact lenses is improper care and maintenance. Your contacts should be cleaned regularly and you should never sleep with them in. Disposable versions should be thrown away according to the manufacturer's specifications; don't try to extend the life of disposable lenses because they become very brittle and dry past their intended wear time. Clean your lenses daily, and if you notice debris or scratches, make sure you get a replacement pair. Even a tiny scratch can irritate your eyes, causing the redness and dryness to become worse. When in doubt, talk with an eye doctor like Robert A. Marini, OD to find out which solutions will work best to prevent irritating dry eye problems from happening to you.