How To Avoid Computer Eye Strain

If you experience dryness of the eyes, redness, or headaches, you might be suffering from a condition called computer vision syndrome (CVS). This is a type of eye strain caused by using the computer for long periods of time. It can be frustrating and uncomfortable as it progresses. Here are some ways to avoid experiencing computer-related eye strain.

Use Computer Glasses

When you keep getting eye strain as you use your computer, it might be time to consider special eyewear. Your optometrist can give you prescription glasses that are specially made for computer work. These should only be worn when using the computer, so if you already have glasses, switch them out when you get to work or when you are using the computer at home. The glasses help you to focus your eyes properly while reading words on the computer screen without the additional glare.

Install an Anti-Glare Screen

Another helpful and easy way to reduce the glare on the screen is to get an anti-glare screen. These are inexpensive and easy to install on the front of the screen. When there is a glare from nearby lights in the office or due to the light coming through the window, it can make it harder to see the screen. Your eyes then try to focus harder on the words and images on the computer screen, which begins to start leading to eye strain and the pain associated with it.

Give Your Eyes a Break

Even when you are busy working, you should not be staring at the screen for hours at a time. Keep looking away every few minutes, just for a few seconds or so. This lets your eyes relax and adjust to something else for those few seconds. It can make a drastic difference in how often you experience eye strain and what the severity is. You should also remember to blink often as this produces moisture, which prevents dryness caused by eye strain.

See Your Optometrist Regularly

It is possible that your eyesight or an eye-related medical condition is exacerbating the eye strain, so make sure you keep seeing an optometrist, like California Eye Specialists Medical Group Inc., on a regular basis. The eye exam is important as your eye sight might be starting to change, but you don't realize it yet. However, it can be harder to see up close, which causes your eyes to try harder to read the words on the screen. The optometrist will also examine the eyes and perform various tests to look for other eye conditions and diseases.