When Babies Need Glasses: Making It Easier On Your Little One

Many parents feel a mixture of guilt, sadness and relief when they find out that their baby or toddler needs glasses. If you are in this situation, you might feel guilty because you might not have realized that your little one was having trouble seeing; it often takes a professional evaluation to determine that a young child has a vision problem. You might feel sad and worried about how you will get your child to keep the glasses on his or her face. Finally, you might feel some relief knowing that the problem was caught early in your child's life. While you struggle with your feelings, it's important to take the steps necessary to reduce your baby's stress and get him or her to keep the glasses on without a fight. Here are some tips.

Find the Right Fit

Your optometrist or optician will likely have some suggestions that will help you find the right pair of glasses for your child. It's important to find glasses that are the right size for your little one today, explains Little Four Eyes. While it's okay to buy a sweater or even soft baby shoes in a size meant for your child to grow into, this is not the case for glasses. Work with your optician to find the right lens width, height and bridge width.

Also, the younger your child is, the more important it is to have a very sturdy pair of glasses. Take a look at the different materials available and ask for a recommendation on what type is likely to withstand being dropped on the floor or tossed across the room.

Keep Things Positive

As with many things you try to get your child to do without a fight, you need to stay calm and positive while getting him or her used to wearing glasses. Is your baby likely to hurl them across the room the first week or month? Absolutely. If you can place them back on his or her face with a smile each time, though, your attitude can help your child relax. Remember that young children pick up on their parents' stress; try to keep yours in check, even if you are frustrated.

Use Distraction to Your Advantage

Babies have very short attention spans. This is an advantage when it comes to getting yours to wear his or her glasses. Have something interesting to distract your baby when you put the glasses on. Whether it's a special snack, a chance to pet the kitty, or a new toy that you've set aside, you might be able to divert your child's attention long enough for him or her to forget about the glasses for the time being. Once wearing the glasses becomes a matter of routine, you won't have to use distractions anymore.

Ask your child's optometrist for additional tips and tricks that parents have used to get their babies to wear their glasses. It can be a challenge, but within a few weeks or a month, putting glasses on your baby will be a matter of habit and not such a struggle. Contact a local optometrist, like EyeCare About Vegas: Dr. R Dougal Morrison & Dr. Christopher Coker, for more information.