How To Treat A Lazy Eye

If you have a lazy eye, then it can be distracting when having a conversation. A lazy eye is a condition that decreases sight or causes blurry vision. The medical term for this condition is amblyopia. If you want to correct this condition, then you need to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor. Here are four ways to treat amblyopia.  


Glasses can correct the underlying issues associated with a lazy eye. This condition can cause vision problems like long and short-sightedness, which can be corrected with glasses. You have to constantly wear your glasses to see any improvement. It is also important to periodically get your eyes checked to see if your eyes are improving. If not, you can move on to another treatment.

Vision Therapy

Optometric vision therapy is a non-surgical treatment program that corrects visual-motor deficiencies and eye movements. It works by you attending sessions. These sessions include procedures that improve your brain's ability to control eye focus, eye alignment, eye movements, eye teaming and visual processing.

This therapy allows you to build endurance and visual-motor skills with the use of optical devices and a specialized computer. Example optical devices are filters, prims and therapeutic lenses. Your new visual skills are made automatic with repetition.

Patch Treatment

The patch treatment places a patch over your good eye to force your lazy eye to work harder. It is a common treatment used with children. According to NHS, patches are the most effective treatment for children age eight and younger.

Your child must wear the patch several hours per day. It is also most effective when worn while doing school work. However, this treatment is the most time consuming.

Atropine drops can be used with the patch. It blurs your close-up vision in the eye with better sight. This results in you using your eye with poor vision and overall improves vision. If your child have a problem keeping his or her patch on, then you should put the atropine drops in the eye with better vision. Your child will more likely keep the patch on.

Eye Muscle Surgery

Eye muscle surgery is an option when your eyes are severely misaligned. It can weaken or strengthen certain muscles to improve the appearance of your eyes. Your surgeon has to extend your muscle to weaken it and shorten your muscle to strengthen it.

Amblyopia is a condition that affects many people. You have treatment options to improve your eyes. The best treatment depends on the cause of the condition.

To learn more about treatment options, talk to an eye doctor in your area.