Reducing Headaches Caused By Eye Strain From Computer Use

After a day at work, do you come home with a headache? Did you know that those headaches could be caused by eye strain? Headaches can be triggered by eye strain from using computers for several hours each day. Someone that doesn't use computers regularly can even suffer from these headaches after a short amount of time spent on the computer because their eyes are not used to using the computer.

So what can be done to reduce the eye strain you experience to decrease the headaches you suffer from?

Get an Eye Exam

A thorough eye exam will help to determine what may be causing your eyes to strain like they are. It is possible that your prescription for glasses or contact lenses needs to be updated, or that you have an ailment that needs to be treated.

Before you go for your eye exam, measure how far your eyes are from your computer's monitor while you are using it. Your eye doctor will use this measurement to complete a series of tests to ensure optimum accuracy in the treatments and recommendations that he or she will provide to you.

Adjust the Computer Display

If the display on your computer is not adjusted properly, you will be more prone to headaches after use.

  • Decrease the Brightness – You want the computer display to be roughly as bright as your surroundings. If you are looking at a very bright monitor while your surroundings are relatively dark, your eyes will suffer from a tremendous amount of strain. Your computer monitor shouldn't illuminate your face as you sit in front of it.
  • Increase Text Size – You shouldn't have to strain your eyes to see what you are reading on your screen. Increase the size of the text on the screen by pressing Control and + until you find a comfortable size.
  • Reduce Color Temperature – By doing this, you will reduce the amount of blue light emitted by the screen. This setting is typically adjusted on the monitor itself.

Take Breaks

Even if you can't get up and walk away from your computer every twenty minutes, you should at least stop looking at your monitor for a few minutes. The best solution for decreasing eye strain while using a computer is to stop at least every twenty minutes, walk away and do something else for a bit. This gives your eyes a much needed break and can help your physical discomforts as well.

If headaches caused by eye strain continues to be a problem, talk with your eye doctor, like those at Northway Eye & Contact Lens Center, to learn more ways to reduce the negative effects of using a computer daily.