Selecting Frames That Flatter Your Face Shape

If you wear or just found out that you need to wear glasses, you most likely will want to pick out a set of frames that look pleasing to you and those you come into contact with daily. Glasses can make a great fashion statement, and with the correct frame shape, you can accentuate or downplay parts of your face, giving you the best possible look. If you are unsure what type of frame looks best with your features, use the following guidelines to help you in the frame selection process.

Determining Your Face Shape

The best way to determine your face shape is to take several pictures of yourself and trace your face onto paper with a marker. Place a piece of tracing paper over the photograph and trace the perimeter of your face. This allows you to look at the shape without the distraction of the background in the photo. Do this with several photos to see if there is a pattern in the shapes you are placing on your tracing paper. If your face is bordering a few different shapes, this just allows you the opportunity to explore more styles!


If your face is shaped like an oval, there are several options that would draw attention toward the top of your face, balancing your features as a result. Top-heavy, clear-bottomed, and butterfly frames all work well on an oval face. Frames with decorative arms will draw attention towards the sides of your head, giving your face a broader look.


People with round or circular faces should opt for a pair of glasses with rectangular frames. This will elongate the appearance of the face by drawing the attention to the glasses. Select a pair that has a different color on the bridge portion to help make your eyes look a bit further apart, as circular faces often give the appearance of eyes that are set closely together.


If you have an elongated rectangle-shaped face, you will want to draw attention away from the jaw line using pair of cat-style frames. Half-rimmed glasses frames will also bring the attention to the upper part of your face.


If your face is shaped like a heart, you will want to draw the attention away from a pointed chin by wearing glasses that bring the attention upward. Aviator-style or rimless frames work best at bringing the eyes to the top-portion of the face while softening the edges so your face does not appear top-heavy.


To make your face appear a bit lengthened, use narrow oval or rectangular frames. These will help soften the appearance of the jaw line. Frames with rounded corners will help as well.

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