Four Common Myths About Contact Lenses Debunked

It's normal to have a few concerns when you're transitioning from wearing glasses to contact lenses. In fact, there are several common myths regarding contact lenses that have people steering clear of lenses altogether. Fortunately, many of these myths aren't true, and it's likely that contact lenses are a safe option for you. Before you begin your transition, learn more about the common misconceptions surrounding contact lenses.

You're Too Old (or Young) to Wear Contact Lenses

There isn't an official age range for contact wearers. However, it's common for elderly people to assume that they can't wear contact lenses because they have a more complicated prescription. But, your optician can adjust your lens prescription and both bifocal and varifocal contact lenses are available if needed.

Before allowing a child to wear contact lenses, parents need to speak with their optician about any concerns they have and decide whether the child is mature enough to properly care for contact lenses. If there aren't any health or care issues, there's no reason why your child can't wear contact lenses instead of glasses.

Contact Lenses Can Get Stuck Behind Your Eye

Many people avoid wearing contact lenses because they are afraid their lenses will get stuck behind their eyes. However, it's not possible. Your eyes have a thin membrane -- the conjunctiva -- that wraps around the white part of your eyes and connects to your eyelids. The membrane makes it impossible for your contact lenses to get behind your eye.

Contact Lenses Can Get Stuck to Your Eye Permanently

The longer you wear your contact lenses, the drier they become. As your contact lenses dry out, it's possible for them to stick to the surface of the eye. However, the lens won't be stuck there forever. To remove the lens safely, all you need to do is place a few drops of contact lens solution in your eye to rewet the lens. This softens the lens so that you can remove it without any issues.

Wearing Contact Lenses Can Damage Your Eyes

As long as you follow your optician's instructions, wearing contact lenses will not harm your eyes. Keep in mind, there are several different types of contact lenses -- some you can sleep in and some you can't. If you sleep in contact lenses that aren't made to worn overnight, you deprive your cornea of the oxygen it needs. However, by purchasing contact lenses that are deemed safe for overnight wear or lenses made to be disposed of daily, you eliminate this problem completely.

The fact is, wearing contact lenses isn't dangerous. Millions of people wear them safely every day. As long as you follow the instructions given to you and discuss any potential problems with your eye doctor, transitioning from wearing glasses to contact lenses is simple.

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